Gratitude opens the door to the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe ~ Deepak Chopra 


Gratitude is an evocative combination of rich earthy and softly sweet aromas and features the strong woody floral note of Halmadi, a beautiful resin, and is balanced by the crisp freshness of high altitude Himalayan Juniper.

Gratitude is a wonderful incense for uplifting and opening the heart and is an effective purifier, eliminating negativity. 
This gorgeous incense also balances the Vastu, or Ayurvedic energetic alignment, in the space.

Gratitude Eco Incense


Holy Smoke Eco Incense is a conscious eco-friendly range of Incense with elevated subtle energies and appealing scents for uplifting, purifying and healing.

Designed with high-quality plant-based ingredients using traditional hand-made methods HolySmoke Eco Incense is free from all toxic substances and lovingly packaged in handmade recycled materials.

Ingredients include a blend of high quality activated charcoal, resin, herbs, essential oils, aromatic woods, honey and bamboo sticks.

Each packet contains 10 sticks of this special incense.

Each stick has a burn time of around 1 hour in sheltered areas! 

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