Embrace your inner goddess with a uniquely gorgeous raw crystal crown.

The Luna crowns each have a dominant middle stone with four matching stones on either side. The middle stone is the peak, amplified or energised by the surrounding stones. This crown is perfect for setting intentions, especially during the full and new moon. 

Point your crown down to ground intentions

Point your crown up to for inspiration and intuition.


Your headpiece is handcrafted with love and intention using high quality, raw and natural crystals.
You can wear as a crown a headband or even on a wide brim hat. xxoo

Luna Crystal Crown

Middle Stone
Outside Stone
  • Ethically sourced raw, natural stones
  • Each piece is lovingly handmade in Soul Quartz's Sunshine Coast studio and all crystals are individually hand selected using intention and intuition. 
  • Stainless Steel, Coated Stainless Steel or Brass Headband
  • Crystal Crown features 9 raw stone crystals
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